Revox A77 Universal electronic capacitor trimmer overhaul kit for all Mk1 - 4


$225.00 AUD

UNIVERSAL Capacitor & Preset Trimmer Upgrade Kit for all Revox A77 Mk1 – Mk4 

This universal kit has additional components for early Mk1's included and as a universal kit will fit ALL A77 machines Mk1 to Mk 4. Additional components have been added to our universal kit to cater for all Mk1 including the very early Mk1 versions.

For earlier MK1 models with PSU board 1.077.540 that has the heatsink on the side and preset adjuster next to large can capacitor,   Transistor Speed Control PCB  1.077.725  with preset adjuster next to T201 coil and tape drive 1.077.370 that has 4 x 0.47uf capacitors along the bottom where the connectors are (later only have 3). 

Early Mk1's can be identified by their tape guide blocks which cannot be removed from the top - see pic in gallery showing the various differences in boards and in particular the tape guide blocks either side of the heads.

IF IN DOUBT WHICH Mk1 you have?    Get this one!  Why? because this kit is suitable for ALL A77's  It has   additional components for the earlier version and so can be used for ANY A77 Mk1, 2, 3 or 4  with transistor capstan speed control or IC speed control. - ie a type of universal kit.  If you are unsure of your vintage Mk 1 / Mk 2  - get this kit as it caters for all versions.

This kit contains:

  • replacement capacitors for all the electrolytics

  • replacement for all tantalum capacitors

  • brand new specially manufactured non polarised motor capacitors

  • all troublesome paper capacitors on the drive control / power supply.

  • a full set of fully enclosed cermet type preset potentiometers

These are suitable for the following circuit boards.

  • PSU 1.077.540

  • Tape Drive 1.077.370

  • Switchboard 1.077.435/426

  • Input amp 1.077.700  

  • Record 1.077.705  

  • Oscillator 1.077.712  

  • Record relay 1.077.715 

  • Playback amp 1.077.720

  • Speed control    1.077.725   1.077.724 or /729

  • 3x chassis mounted motor capacitors.

TOTALS:  Capacitors =84.   Preset trimmers =19.  

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