NAB Adapters


$335.00 AUD 

Made in EU (not Turkey and not Ukraine or Italy) by two long standing different manufacturers.  
What do NAB Adapters comprise? (see pics in the gallery) Basically all NAB adapters have a central plastic NAB hub adapter that adapts the trident reel table to a NAB hub. This is the heart of all NAB adapters and the mould used is an exact copy of the original Revox one. The plastic NAB hub can be used as a stand alone NAB adapter. Then one can add an extension trumpet in aluminium or acrylic to the central plastic NAB hub. So ALL NAB adapters have this plastic NAB hub as their basis.

Our Acrylic trumpets are available separately if you want to add trumpets to your own existing plastic NAB adapters. They are stunningly beautiful and literally craftsman sculptured. My recommendation - the acrylic clear trumpets are the smartest and most beautifully made - STUNNING!

All NAB adapters are sold in pairs as a kit and come with a complete set of 3 sizes of grip retainer rings and our really canny reel spacer disks.
PLEASE NOTE:  Due to demand, we sometimes run out of a particular colour / variation. The lead time to back in stock is variable and we may dispatch direct from the factory (at our discretion) to assist in minimising delays.

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