Nakamichi Pinch Rollers


$96.00 AUD

NAKAMICHI  Cassette pinch roller for various single & dual models   

Suitable for these models and supplied either as a single pinch roller or dual as applicable.  

IMPORTANT. YOU MUST check diameter with that shown. Do not rely on model nos. and do not order the wrong one. Its up to you, not me.  Thanks.

  • 550 Series:      250  350  500  550  600  single capstan machines  13mm OD  shaft 2mm ID

  • ZX Series:      480  481  482  580  581  582  610  660  680  681  682  700  1000 ZXE  ZXL  ZX1  ZX9  LX3  LX5  RX303  RX505    dual capstan machines  10.8mm OD  shaft 2mm ID

  • Dragon series:    Dragon    dual capstan machines  11mm OD  shaft 2mm ID



This kit contains:

  • Pinch Roller only. New Fresh Made - NO old stock NO NOS.  We don't buy or keep old stock! 

Nagravox continually researches pinch rollers, manufacturers and materials and is pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive assortment for a number of machines. Although we are specialists in Revox, Studer and Nagra we are also responding to many inquiries for other makes. 


  • Pinch Roller profile. If you research the history of pinch rollers, Studer tried many different formulations, bush systems and profiles. Originally profiles were  wide, flat and pinch rollers harder. Then they tried reducing the edge conflict by reducing width and profiling with a slight convex shape and softer ADP formulations so pressure was concentrated in the centre. The problem with this is that it is difficult to align the tape exactly at the peak of the convex profile. Then they went back to a flat profile and a harder formulation.  No doubt if Studer had continued we would have seen other trials and tribulations. 
  • AGE. How old is that 'new' pinch roller you bought? There are a mere handful of pinch roller manufacturers in the world . Some cling to old dated designs and profiles. Others believe they will make a fortune by making them as cheap as possible. Cheap Chinese I believe are available. A bigger problem is many vendors acquire over the years NOS stock of pinch rollers at a bargain price.  Here is our answer to a very misguided supposition by most people. 
  • The condition of your motor shaft is paramount.  A shiny shaft matching the tape profile is an indication the shaft has done a lot of hours work and will not grip the tape effectively resulting in an increase wow. The shaft should be a dull grey colour.  Shafts can be reconditioned and the dull grey restored using a special micro bead blasting technique. 
  •  The tape tension is also important because the PR / capstan is a regulating system not a driving system. This is controlled rudimentarily in early and most Revox machines with back tension fixed but in later and Studer machines it is measured and controlled dynamically and can be precisely set / calibrated.
  • Both formulations used in our pinch rollers are carefully determined and controlled so as to maintain surface contact rigidity and minimise wow and flutter over their lifetime. Sometimes we offer ADP and others only black rubber and some both  - this is based on our findings as best for the model considered.

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