Tape 1/4" tape


$130.00 AUD

Nagravox is now an agent for MULANN INDUSTRIES. Representing their range of RTM Recording The Masters reel to reel tape.

We recommend two formulations in particular: SM900 - the best quality studio master tape grade and LPR90 if you want long play tape. We can get and supply all the formulations but frankly in our opinion SM900 and LPR90 are the best and there is no price advantage really by using a lesser formulation like SM911, LPR35 or SM468. With pleasure we can get it in as a special order any formulation you require - just ask. Please note that for all 7" plastic reelsthis will be wound off a pancake by us except SM900 which is a factory ex stock item (hence it is cheaper)


Mulann Industries was formerly Pyral which was formerly RMG which a long time ago was BASF and Agfa. The factory is located in Normandy in France. The new brand name is RTM or Recording The Masters. SM911, SM468 and LPR35 are older formulations whilst SM900 is later (under Pyral) and LPR90 the latest (under Mulann). Mulann has committed themselves to 1st class manufacturing top quality tape for recording studios and enthusiasts. They deserve our support.

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