Tape Guide Kit & Pinch Roller Mechanical Kit for Revox A77


$110.00 AUD 

This kit contains:

  • Our special A77 black pinch roller kit
  • Wide selection of shim / washer kit with spacers and PTFE shims for both pinch roller and guides allowing easy adaptation and adjustment
  • Tape Guide bearings (Stainless Steel)  - LHS
  • Special upgrade mod tape guide bearing (Stainless Steel) – RHS

These are suitable for all Revox A77  tape recorders that use fixed or moving guides.  The shims supplied with the guide bearings ensure that the tape path does not touch the guide cups. You may need one, two or 3 shims to achieve correct clearance and we provide 4 of each in sizes 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3mm.

The kit combines our special A77 pinch roller and tape guide kits. 


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