BASIC Revox & Studer Motor Overhaul Kits


$120.00 AUD

MOTOR OVERHAUL / SERVICE / LUBE KITS for almost all Studer and Revox Capstan and Reel Motors.  

 There are  kits available which cater for almost all Revox and Studer Tape Motors (each deck has 3 motors).

  • Type E - Revox A77 mk1 & most mk2 and some very early Studer machines A62, some B62 that have a capstan motor with one roller bearing on the bottom

  • Type L - Revox A77 later mk2, mk3 & mk4, B77, PR99, C270.  Also for Studer A/B67, A810, A807 / C270 (no sticker)

  • Type GLY - Revox and Studer motors with  red sticker - C270, A807

  • Type ROLLERB - Revox and Studer motors with white sticker saying NO lubrication - much later C270, A807
  • Type A80 - Studer A80 and A81 machines 

These kits variably contain:

  • 4 x high efficiency low noise SKF reel motor bearings 

  • 4x similar lower & upper circlip for reel motor top of shaft.

  • 2x snap rings for earlier Revox motors as applicable

  • Special Mobil DTE , Kluber Isoflex PDP65 synthetic lubricant or GLY2100 in dropper bottle as factory specified for all Revox / Studer capstan motors. Sufficient supplied for initial overhaul and subsequent maintenance services for quite a few years. Note that ROLLERB kit has no capstan oil because teh capstan has special roller bearings and is not lubricated.

  • Lubricant  as general lubricant for other moving parts. 

  • Service Instructions - sent to you after you receive your kit as a download.

 Capstan motors need lubricating every ~500 hours or 6 - 12 months and full clean and bottom / top lubricant replenishment at ~2000 hours or 2 - 3 years. 

Reel motors need to have their bearings replaced every 2000 hours or 2 - 4 years. Do this and the motors will last a long long time. Most motors I have come across have never been serviced and the lubricating felts are dry. Luckily these old capstan motors are really robust and can be brought back to good serviceable condition. They are relatively easy to dismantle and once upgraded / serviced will run smoother with less noise. With a good clean, new bearings and a lubrication its surprising how well an old motor can run. Dont take a chance on dubious bearing sources or lubricants.  Get the full Nagravox kit for all your motors.

Early motors with a roller bearing used Mobil DTE-EH. 

Later capstan motors use Isoflex PDP65 and no other lubricant should be used or mixed with it. 

Motors after 1988 used GLY2100 and were identified with a red sticker on the capstan motors. 

For Early A77.

Depending on mark version have slightly different no. of components in terms of damper repacking lubricant / drag agent, counter belts and tape guide roller components. Early mk1 has no tape guide kit as its not applicable.

Mk1 and mk2 assumes you have a capstan motor that has 1 sintered bearing and 1 roller bearing. If you have an early mk3 it may have one of these older motors - please check. This is how:  Check serial no.  From S 60483 or G78003 Capstan motor is the later one using 2x sintered bronze bearings and uses PDP65 lubricant - select mk3 / mk4 kit.

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