Tape Guide Kit for Revox A77, B77 and PR99


$82.00 AUD

This kit contains:

  • Tape Guide bearings (Stainless Steel)  - LHS
  • Special upgrade mod tape guide bearing (Stainless Steel) – RHS
  • Selection of 12 special shims in 3 graded sizes to ensure guide roller is aligned properly
This kit is suitable for all for all Revox A77, B77 and PR99 tape recorders. (Exception very early A77 mk1 which cannot be converted form fixed rub blocks on both sides). The shims supplied with the guide bearings ensure that the tape path does not touch the guide cups. You may need one, two or 3 shims to achieve correct clearance and we provide 4 of each in sizes 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3mm.

The bearings are high grade stainless steel bearings NOT skate board generics which will rust and be noisy.  

NOTE THE SPECIAL MODIFICATION in this kit! The RHS fixed post aluminium tape guide is replaced / upgraded with a similar arrangement to the LHS. This modification ensures minimal tape wear and stretch. See picture in gallery. The guide bearings are special stainless steel bearings fully sealed and pre-lubricated. 

Full instructions for each mechanical kit is included with pictures before and after detailing exactly which components go where and a host of useful tips, checks and basic calibration.

Please note that for PR99 Mk2/3 only 1 guide roller is required because the right hand side is integral with the tape counter guide roller and thus teh kit is slightly cheaper.


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