ATR 1/4" tape


$102.00 AUD

Nagravox is  an agent for ATR Magnetics. Representing their range of MASTER AND MDS36 tape. ATR Magnetics is a USA based tape manufacturer.

ATR Master is premium master tape

MDS36 is commercial long play tape.

Standard stocked items:

  • ATR Master 1/4" in pancakes 
  • ATR MDS36 1/4" in pancakes

 Please note  We cannot keep all formats in all formulations - the stocking is just too onerous. So we have all formulations in pancake and can therefore make up any of the other formats by winding off a pancake. We dont mind doing this. I we dont have ATR metal reels we will supply 1x pancake and an empty Nagravox metal reel and box.


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