Audio Potentiometers repair kit


$21.00 AUD

Revox and Studer Potentiometer Overhaul Kit for most Revox and Studer pots and other vintage amplifiers, tape recorders and radios.            

Have you got noisy, scratchy, gappy, crackly potentiometers?  Usually they just need a good service, overhaul, tracks cleaned, new track grease applied and the shafts and bushes packed with drag agent.  The old pots were well made and it's the exception rather than the rule that a track, wiper or other component might be faulty or broken. I always rebuild my pots and I thought that I should really offer that expertise and the few simple compounds and hardware to Revox and Studer enthusiasts as they might want to as well.  So here are my various kits:

  • TYPE TC - tab closure   The simplest comprises the special two lube compounds and is suitable for  most tab closed potentiometers. Enough compound for 5 potentiometers or more 
  • TYPE S2D1     Two single track pots and 1 double track pots.  eg Revox B77, PR99.  The compound is good for  5 potentiometers or more - just the closure screws are limited to the 3 pots.
  • TYPE S2D2     Two single track pots and 2 double track pots.  eg Revox B77, PR99   The compound is good for  5 potentiometers or more - just the closure screws are limited to the 4 pots.
  • TYPE UNIVERSAL   This has extra closure hardware in the form of a variety of screws (lengths / heads etc), washers, nuts and has double the amount of the special two lube compounds. Enough bits and pieces for quiet a few potentiometer overhauls / services - 10 to 20. This is the best value if you want the facility and a general kit to cater for perhaps many different potentiometers in the future. Total of minimum 100 hardware items and two tubs of compounds.

Please select the kit applicable to your machine and preferences.  We supply basic instructions on how to dismantle, service and reassemble a typical potentiometer.  For some its a bit more involved and others relatively simple.  

Important: Not all potentiometers can be fixed. If the track or wiper itself is damaged or worn out, then you need a new potentiometer. This kit cannot fix worn or broken components. Its primary purpose is to re-lubricate the track / wiper with high grade conductive lubricant AND repack / lubricate the shaft and bush with correct drag agent lubricant so the potentiometer rotates smoothly and with sufficient drag (sort of like "professional" slightly stiff feel is the best way to describe it).  There is no way of determining if your potentiometer can be overhauled successfully until you have actually done it and tested it. Also important and indeed the raison d'être of these kits is that it familiarises you with dismantling and rebuilding potentiometers - some of which may not be available anymore.  This familiarisation may give you some experience and confidence to tackle other potentiometers in the future. Single gang potentiometers are easier and I find generally have a higher success rate (maybe 80 - 90%) whilst the more complex and difficult to overhaul are the dual gang variety's (maybe 40 - 60% success rate). Whats the hardest one I have ever done with the least success - honestly - the A77 dual gang balance and volume potentiometers - they are fickle!

Please Note:  The amount of drag agent and conductive grease is really small but you use really a tiny amount so a little goes a long way. In each kit there is sufficient for 5 or more.  The universal kit has almost double the quantity of these two compounds and can do many potentiometers. In 2016 I will be packaging the two lubricant compounds into small test tube type vials as the tubs in our pics I have found may leak in hot climates.

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