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Recording The Masters has recently started  manufacturing new cassettes .  This is exciting news. Although cassettes have been available for many years, most of these were based on NOS tape that is probably 10 - 20 years old. In our workshop many of these well known shiny new branded tapes just dont perform as they should.  We are thrilled that RTM has bitten the bullet and started cassette production again.  We have found the performance exceptional with low hiss, excellent stability and easily pushed to +6 Db.

The new Fox C60 cassette is based on the superb SM900 professional formulation.

Comes complete with a clear perspex case and a blank recording details card. 


C60 – Ferric Oxide (Fe2O3) tape Type I
Clear 5-screw tabs-in cassette
Recording time: 60min    Tape length : 87.5m
Tape width: 3.81mm (+0.00/-0.05mm)  Total thickness: 16.7 µm
Base film : Polyester    Base film thickness : 12 µm  .Coating thickness : 4.7 µm
Coercivity : 370 Oe     Saturation retentivity : 1480 G

Available in singles or cartons of 10.


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