Full Monty overhaul kit for Revox LINATRACK Turntables


$695.00 AUD

LINATRACK FULL MONTY complete service overhaul kits for

Revox B790, B791/5 and B291 Linear tracking turntables 

Out of stock currently due to mechanical set up sub kit - no stock.

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What's the meaning of the phrase 'The Full Monty'?  Complete, the whole thing.   The phrase made popular from the 1997 smash hit comedy drama film of the same name. However it probably originated in about 1907 from the bespoke tailoring business in Sheffield of Sir Montague Burton, where the term was used to describe a complete three-piece suit. 

Over the years customers have asked for a full kit instead of ordering individual sub kits. They also have tended to ask advice on what they should do to fully overhaul and restore their machines. So this is what I recommend and if a machine comes into our workshop THIS FULL SET OF KITS is what we fit. It takes into account the most likely components mechanically and electrically that may have degraded over the many years due to sitting idle or being over-worked. So, if you want to  service, restore or overhaul your machine as completely as you can, this is what I recommend.  Without wishing to seem that its just  a 'sales spiel', of course individual sub kits are always available on their own. Please refer to the listings under the specific model section of my store. Please also see the precise details of each sub kit under its listing if you require more information on any particular sub kit.


A complete overhaul service kit of applicable listed sub kits containing:

  • Full Electronic capacitor and trimmer replacement kit.  All polar electrolytic, tantalum, non and suppression capacitors and all trimmer potentiometers 

  • Cartridge setup and arm alignment kit
  • Mechanical service kit
  • Pulley Cord Kit
  • Nagravox full service instructions sheets - electronic and mechanical service &  setup
  • Help desk support if you run into problems

This will enable you to do thorough overhaul and service of your turntable in terms of electronics, lubrication, cartridge installation and setup, arm alignment and generally setting up your turntable properly.


In our instruction sheets we discuss cartridges and offer suggestions for new manufactured cartridges currently available selected and suited to the Linatrack arm.


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