Leader & Splice Tape


$25.00 AUD

Fresh made by Mulann in France.  Available in opaque white and clear.
The leader tape is on NAB hub - 820ft or 250m long. You will need to fit it to a metal NAB or wind it onto a 7" reel. (That's what I do anyway). 
The splicing tape is blue in colour and 82ft or 25m long.
The professional convention is to have 20 - 30 secs of white leader tape, then 10 secs of clear leader and then normal tape. These sections of white then clear are placed at the beginning and at the end of a reel.
GOOD IDEA. Clear tape. On machines with an optical EOT (end of tape) auto shut off, the machine will stop from spooling, play and record as soon as the clear tape reaches the heads. Ideal for G36 mk3, A77, B77, PR99, A700, A67, B67 etc. (Note that not all machines have an optical end of tape cut out system). On slightly more sophisticated machines like the PR99 mk2/3, A700 and B67, the clear tape can also activate an auto rewind or auto repeat.
PLEASE NOTE: If we dont have your selected colour of leader tape in stock we will automatically substitute with what we do have in stock.

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