LUXMAN A3000 MB3045 Amplifier Full Electronic Restoration Overhaul Kit


$690.00 AUD


Nagravox has pleasure in announcing the release of its full electronic overhaul kit for these legendary amplifiers.

A3000 was the diy kit version.
MB3045 was the factory produced version

In 2019 the Nagravox workshop fully overhauled and repaired a pair of Luxman A3000 mono block amplifiers for a customer who is a true vintage audio enthusiast with very exacting standards.  Although the amplifier was well made with top grade transformers and valves, some of the capacitors, resistors and valve bases deteriorate due to age and heat. In addition there is confusing and poor quality historical literature on the OEM and kit versions as well as valve replacements and operational configurations (ultra linear and triode).  We spent a lot of time and effort to try and understand what needed replacing and deciphering the confusing literature, hearsay and innuendo.  We were so impressed with the results and subsequent performance of this amplifier that we decided to offer a restoration / overhaul kit and of course the benefit of our research and 'figuring out' what makes this amplifier really tick. 

The large can capacitors.  These amplifiers have some pretty unique and different electrolytic can type capacitors necessitating us having to make them in house. All are now can isolated and are easily retrofitted without any drilling or metalwork needed.

  • the large 2x 220uf 550V is now  2x 220uf 700V 
  • the positive common  3x 47uf 450V is now 3x 50uf 450V
  • the negative common 3 x 47uf 450V is now 3x 50uf 450V
  • the 2x 47uf 350V connected in parallel is now 1x 120uf 450V

Why So Many Parts?   Initially on this project we replaced (as we always do) all polar electrolytic capacitors. However there were poor attempts to reconfigure the amplifier for ultra linear operation, some browned resistors and a few non standard hacks. We soon realised that besides the electrolytic capacitors there were about 10 other components that had severely deteriorated and needed replacing. Further, once we got the amplifiers working we found intermittent random noise was generated by the B9A PCB valve bases due to contacts being corroded and some of the soldering deteriorated. After measuring a few of the other heat prone resistors and non polar capacitors we came to the conclusion that for a rather minimal extra amount in $ one can and should replace all the likely vulnerable resistors, capacitors and valve bases. This covered almost all the resistors and capacitors.

Poor Existing Archival Literature.  The archival literature available is pretty poor quality in terms of clear schematics, valve alternatives and configurations. We always make available our own detailed service manual for all our kits and for sure the Luxman has benefited  with this guidance and reference source. So things like alternative valves, operational configurations and how they are manifested physically and getting the best performance are all covered as well as lots of pictures, a revised readable circuit diagram schematic etc. 

This kit contains parts for 1x mono block amplifier:  (For stereo you will need two.)

  • replacement capacitors for all the electrolytics
  • replacement for all other non polar film and paper capacitors
  •      replacementof most resistors - where applicable 1% low nose metal film and in other cases high grade carbon 5%.  Both are neccessary!
  •      replacementmodern high voltage diodes

-    replacement valve B9A valve bases

-    Nagravox service manual and on line help

TOTALS:  21 Capacitors, 67 resistors,  8 diodes and 15 misc hardware items.  Total 111 items.

Small “upgrade” blank labels are provided so you can appropriately mark your upgraded boards.  


Our kits contain specially sourced, new, freshly manufactured components from reliable manufacturers whom we have been dealing with for many years. No NOS (new old stock) or 2nd hand items!!  The audio signal path capacitors are specially made for us and are low noise, low leakage / high stability types. 

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