Nagra lubricant PDP38


$19.00 AUD

Klueber PDP38 fluid grease (5ml) is specified for the Nagra 4.2 and 4.2S machines for lubrication of shafts, pivot points, single bearing balls, bushes and tension rollers. It is a synthetic semi grease / oil and can replace Univis P38 specified on the older Nagra models in clean and rebuild overhaul situations. 

FYI. Nagra machines have a variety of 'bearing' surfaces, clutch / brakes and bearings. As a general rule - 

  • roller bearings cannot be lubricated and must be replaced eg pinch roller and motor.
  • wet clutch felts use a special friction grease which we are working on including new felts. 
  • shafts, pivot points, bushes, single ball bearings, tension rollers and generally most other things can be  lubricated with PDP38.

We will be releasing our Nagra electronic,  mechanical and calibration overhaul kits later this year. These will include full instruction manuals. We will also offer motor remagnetisation.  NEVER dismantle the motor without a magnetic shunt.

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