REVOX A68 and STUDER A740 / B740 amplifier ELECTRONIC overhaul kit


$720.00 AUD
SKU: A68

THE NAGRAVOX kit for Revox A68 and Studer A/B740 studio grade monitor amplifiers.
This is a full kit not a series of sub kits as hocked by others on ebay. It includes components for all modules - power supplies, protection circuits, main amplifiers. Careful thought, consideration and design as to exactly whats usually needed.
The large can type power supply capacitors are specially made for Nagravox for these amplifiers using the highest grade electrolytic capacitors with low ESR and leakage, high stability, and heavy duty long life. We fit them into aluminium cans in house. Our capacitors are specifically made for us by the manufacturer NOT obtained from a distributor or agent as NOS or stock that may have been sitting on a shelf for 10 years or more.


Capacitors. All likely problematic electrolytic, tantalum and suppression capacitors including our own can electrolytics 18,000uf 80V 5000h 105C.

  • Factory later update for early Revox A740 boards
  • Trimmers enclosed type for the various boards
  • Support service to help you in case you have questions, problems, suggestions 

Kit Weight: 1.4Kg so postage will be a bit more than usual.

Please Note that the can capacitors are not absolutely identical in size and shape to the originals BUT they do fit just fine with a small amount of mechanical adjustment. They are slightly higher , higher voltage and 150C 5000h rated. A mounting kit comprising washers, spacers and nuts are included.

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