Revox A700 ELECTRONIC capacitor & trimmer overhaul kit


$345.00 AUD


It has everything you will likely need to overhaul and update the control AND audio electronic capacitors, preset adjusters and control relay.  

 This kit contains:

  • Replacement capacitors for all the electrolytics
  • Replacement for all tantalum capacitors
  • Brand new specially manufactured non polarised motor capacitors with 3 terminals - one a dummy to easily connect the 1.5uf Hz change capacitor
  • All troublesome capacitors on drive control, switching and mains suppression
  • now with replacement drive control relay added
  • A full set of fully enclosed cermet type preset potentiometers 

 This kit caters for the following circuit boards.

  1.  PSU 1.067.160.  /161 
  2. Tape Drive 1.067.230. 
  3. Sensor Boards 1.067.190/210 & 167.769/767 
  4. Relay Board 1.067.151.  
  5. Speed Control 1.067.235 & 1.167.770
  6. Motor Control 1.067.135  /136. 
  7. Basis Board 1.067.250.
  8. Oscillator 1.067.265/267.
  9. Record amp 1.067.260/261. 
  10. Reproduce amp 1.067.270/271.
  11. Interconnect board 1.067.415/416.
  12. Input amp 1.067.405. 
  13. VU meter board 1.067.425.
  14. Tone control 1.067.410. 
  15. Headphone amp 1.067.420 /421.
  16. 3x chassis mounted motor capacitors (two special mod extra terminal type cans to accommodate 1.5uf extra capacitor - ie 6.5 + 1.5uf dual type)
  17. Motor control plug in relay by OEM.
  18. All factory updates which are really important

 TOTALS:  Capacitors =139. Preset trimmers PT10 and PT15 =26.  Drive control plug in relay - OEM. Mounting hardware = 4.   Small “upgrade” blank labels are provided to mark your upgraded boards.

 The weight of the kit is now approx 520 g so it posts in the next higher 500 - 1000g category which is a little more expensive.

WE would encourage you, if you really want to fully update and overhaul your A700, to consider the FULL MONTY A700 kit which has many extras including factory tech bulletin recommended updates, mechanical items, new RCA sockets etc etc.

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