Revox A77 Full Monty electronic and mechanical overhaul kit


$693.00 AUD

A77 FULL MONTY complete service overhaul kits for Revox A77 reel to reel tape recorders mk 1 - 4 

Over the years customers have asked for a full kit instead of ordering individual sub kits. They also have tended to ask advice on what they should do to fully overhaul and restore their tape machines. So this is what I recommend and if a machine comes into our workshop THIS FULLMONTY SET OF KITS is what we fit. It takes into account the most likely components mechanically and electrically that may have degraded over the many years due to sitting idle or being over-worked. So, if you want to  service, restore or overhaul your machine as completely as you can, this is what I recommend.  

What's the meaning of the phrase 'The Full Monty'?  Complete, the whole thing.   The phrase made popular from the 1997 smash hit comedy drama film of the same name. However it probably originated in about 1907 from the bespoke tailoring business in Sheffield of Sir Montague Burton, where the term was used to describe a complete three-piece suit. 

THE FULL MONTY.  A set of applicable sub kits typically containing:

  • ELECTRONIC Capacitor and Trimmer replacement kit.  All polar electrolytic, tantalum, non polar motor and suppression capacitors  and all open type trimmer potentiometers 

  • MECHANICAL Motor overhaul kit for 3 motors including appropriate lubricant.  New SKF bearings, circlips and lubricant/s for all three motors. Earlier A77 Mk1/2 includes capstan special roller bearing

  • Pinch Roller kit. - pinch roller with appropriate low friction PTFE washers and metal shims

  • Tape Guide Kit  - two stainless steel SKF guide bearings with a full set of shims to set tape clearance accurately within the guide. (Includes extra parts needed to convert left guide from rub block to a bearing.)  Note:  not supplied for  Mk1 types that cant use this kit.

  • New RCA Sockets  Replace those ugly tarnished and faulty RCA sockets.  

  • Brake drum linings - 1 pair for both reel turntables

  • Tape counter belts  - 2 supplied - white toothed and long black.   

  • Globes for the VU / Power / end of tape - 3x

  • PCB locator sponge.  To secure the PCB's when fitting the inspection / calibration panel - A77, B77, PR99.  (How many people bother ? Well, its pretty important and part of doing the job properly!)

  • Separate Nagravox service sheet manuals detailing how to do it all.  Lots of pictures before / after, suggestions, updates, troubleshooting.

  • Support service to help you in case you have questions, problems, comments. Problems are temporal events in the cosmos of life, "there are no problems only solutions".

  • Transistors Spares Pack. (new from 2018)   The "Full Monty" now also includes a useful semiconductor spares pack which has a selection of repair replacements for most of the BC type NPN and PNP audio transistors as well as 1N diodes. This is not for replacing all transistors - only those that may be faulty or suspect. (replacing all transistors is completely unnecessary). The kit is particularly suitable for all Revox A77, B77 and PR99 machines AND is also a very useful kit to have as part of your electronic spares for most Revox and Studer equipment.


EARLY Mk1 -  Type VE has early single bearing capstan motor and early fixed tape guides.

INTERMEDIATE Mk1, 2, 3  Type E has early single bearing capstan motor up to ser no. S60482  G78002.

Mk3 and 4  Type L is the later all sintered bearing motor from ser no. S60483  G78003

Dolby Mk3 and 4  Type L Dolby  is the later machine with Dolby


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