Revox B750 amplifier FULL MONTY electronic overhaul restoration kit


$512.00 AUD

REVOX B750 Mk1 / 2 Amplifier -  Full Monty Electronic kit. 

Its been 2 years in the making with many requests by enthusiasts and customers. At last I have pleasure in releasing THE NAGRAVOX kit for the fabulous B750 amplifier. It includes most likely components needing replacement including new RCA sockets and panels .

PLEASE NOTE: Yes this kit is expensive 

  1. it is a full kit not a series of sub kits as hocked by others - it includes components for all modules - power supplies, protection circuits, main amplifiers and all preamplifier boards. Careful thought, consideration and design as to exactly whats usually needed.

  2. the power supply capacitors are really quite special and are fresh new manufactured pin for pin replacements using the highest grade electrolytic capacitors with low ESR and leakage, high stability, and heavy duty long life. These are specially manufactured for the B750 and C270 to our specification.  No - we dont sell them separately. We could have used "lesser cheaper" capacitors and "competed". Frankly, that's not my scene nor raison d'être - I design my kits with the fundamental aim of whats pragmatic for an enthusiast to have the best possible restored result and never to a price point. 


  • Capacitors.  All likely problematic electrolytic, tantalum and suppression capacitors including our own in house commissioned and assembled 4 pin can electrolytics.

  • Trimmers  enclosed type for the various boards

  • New protection relays and RCA socket panels    

  • Legendary Nagravox service sheet manual detailing how to do it all.  Lots of pictures before / after, suggestions and troubleshooting.

  • Support service to help you in case you have questions, problems, suggestions etc. My philosophy is "there are no problems only solutions".

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