Tape head demagnetiser Han D Mag 220/240V


$260.00 AUD

Han D Mag brand made in the USA. Nagravox are an agent for these fine essential pieces of test gear. The 110V model is also available on special request.

Suitable for all reel to reel tape recorders and recommended specifically for Revox, Studer and Nagra. 

This demagnetiser kit contains:

  • 1 x  Han D Mag type 220S  (220 / 240 VAC 50hz)  demagnetiser with dual pole piece "tips" (the opposite end can be used to demagnetise tools and erase tape). 1240 gauss field strength in contact and 370 gauss @ ~ 6mm.

  • 1 x robust in line cord switch with neon indicator which you can fit anywhere in the cord. We suggest about 8" from the unit. You fit this yourself.

PLEASE NOTE:  the 220V model can be used on 110 V as well - the field strength will be reduced but it will still do the job!  If you want a universal dual voltage model - this is the one to get. No plug is fitted - you must supply and fit your own appropriate to your country mains plug type.

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