VU meters for Revox and Studer


$380.00 AUD

LIMITED STOCK of new manufactured or NOS VU meters that are becoming extremely rare. 

QUALIFICATION TO PURCHASE. We do not wish to be a spare parts vendor.  These rare spares are stocked for our loyal diligent customers only. Unfortunately we have had to implement a policy limiting the sale of these to existing customers who have bought and fitted a full electronic or full monty kit. Depending on your past custom a discount may be applicable. 

Many original  VU meters have sticky needles or are just useless as the internal glue holding the movement dries up and crumbles.  Sticky needles and badly faded meter scale face may be able to be fixed for Studer meters particularly B67, A810 and A820. See our VU meter refurbishment service. For A77 and B77 / PR99 most times it means a new meter sadly.

Please see the individual listings for more information on A77 and B77 / PR99.

Please note that what is offered may cosmetically be slightly different to your old ones. Please check carefully.  Older meters may have a very slightly different printing and may also be more yellow as they have aged or the colour may be faded.

 Please note B67 meter is for mk2 but can be adapted for mk1.

IMPORTANT. On all VU meters please discuss availability and price with us. DO NOT just order on line because if we have to cancel the order due to no stock or customer status problems, the cancellation will have a 5% surcharge deducted which is what Shopify charge us. 

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