Revox Toggle Switch Repair Kit


$33.00 AUD

FOR Tape Recorders B77 PR99 A/B710
FOR OTHERS B7 or B700 series

These toggle repair kits are an ideal fix for those horrible broken switch handles that always seem to occur. Much cheaper than a new toggle switch for sure.

The body and working contact mechanism is usually okay in a broken switch. All you need do is drill the rivets out (pretty easy), dismantle the switch, fit the new toggle, assemble and re-rivet or screw the two halves of the switch together. Of course getting the switch out from either the motherboard or sub board is a little more involved but as long as you are patient and methodical, its not too onerous.


  • Toggle mechanism in composite plastic and metal.  Metal at wear points - plastic allows for deformation and minimising damage
  • Quality end cover over the toggle - beautifully machined and chamfered - not like others available on ebay (compare and you will be surprised)
  • Toggle mechanism is constructed like the original and is purposely NOT all metal because in the event of a trauma to the switch there is give and the actual switch will not be damaged.  Switch bodies are not available anymore so we must preserve them and use a toggle that can easily be replaced.  All metal toggles are inferior.
  • Rivets  to secure the switch together as original 
  • Screws and Nuts  an optional alternative switch securement system (We prefer the rivets as original but this is an equally appropriate alternative)
  • Detailed instructions for most Revox models in our unique service sheets

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