A80 B62 Audio - optional repair / update sub kit


$112.00 AUD 

This additional kit is for all non VU models ie A80, A80R /RC /QC, B62 and some A81.

It replaces items most likely to give problems other than capacitors. The A101 linear hybrid amplifier modules, the record relays and some semiconductors.

What are the symptoms?  Intermittent record and playback. One channel lower output / quality than the other. No record.

The sub kit includes:

4x A101 linear amplifier kits (standard or deluxe version can be specified) - see stand alone listing for details  https://nagravox.com/products/studer-new-a101-linear-hybrid-amplifier-module-for-tape-recorders-a80-b62-189?variant=7975237845036

2 x special record relays

6x spare transistors

2x resistors


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