Capstan shaft reconditioning service exchange basis


$525.00 AUD

Service Exchange - Capstan Shaft

Why and what is it?  Please refer to capstan shaft recondition service for background basis. Some customers may prefer to order a service exchange capstan shaft that has already been reconditioned. This gives you the benefit of having all your overhaul kits and parts at the same time and allowing you to send us your old shaft for assessment and hopefully entry into our service exchange program - after the fact as it were.  The charge made in this listing is then for the reconditioning service (as per the reconditioning pricing / listing) PLUS a fully refundable deposit of $200.   The deposit is refunded in full  once we receive your old shaft and inspect it as suitable for reconditioning and entry into our service exchange program. 

Prices shown include:

  • the reconditioning
  • the refundable deposit - so dont get too much of a fright.

We only do certain machines in this service so if your machine is not listed then you will have to send us your shaft. Usually we can accommodate

Revox A77, B77, PR99, A700, F36 and G36

Studer A/B67, A810 

There are options for:

  1. Machine model: As above
  2. Configuration: All sintered bearing     1 sintered + 1 roller bearing
  3. Speed:  SLS   SL  NS  HS
  4. For the F/G36 we can supply a shaft to change the frequency / hz
YOU SHOULD be purchasing a motors overhaul kit with this which includes bearings, lubricants, washers, shims etc for all 3 motors. This listed service only gets you a shaft! You will still need lubricant for the capstan (or lubricants plus drive couplings, shims, washers etc for 36 series) and of course its a good idea to overhaul the reel motors as well.

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