Controller IC for Revox A700 & Studer A67/B67


$248.00 AUD

Micro controller IC for all Revox A700 and Studer A67 and B67 Tape Transport Functions

OEM Part No.  50.05.0143. 

This is a very scarce part with limited availability.  The reason they go faulty is because of capacitor failure. We recommend a full recap of tape transport, PSU and associated sub boards.

PLEASE NOTE VERY IMPORTANT.  IC's, semiconductors and optics once purchased and delivered are non returnable. Replacing an IC or semiconductor into a dubious or possibly faulty machine can blow it as other problems may be present. All semiconductors are new and tested before they leave our facility. You are urged to do a full recap of your machine and then test all PSU voltages before troubleshooting and replacing any IC. I repeat - no returns on semiconductors or complaints / cases opened 'it doesnt work', 'not as described' etc. Apologies if this seems harsh but all items in good faith leave our workshop in good working order and simply replacing semiconductors may just not be the solution your own subjective fault funding has concluded.  I am happy to discuss your symptoms and try to help you diagnose problems before you purchase. Please avail yourself of this offer.


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