Brake Linings for Revox & Studer


$35.00 AUD

Nagravox special brake lining kit with either a pair (or 3x) brake linings for:

  • All Revox reel to reel tape machines. E/F/G36, A77, B77, PR99, C270, A700 

  • Studer 1/4" reel to reel tape machines A62, A67, B62, B67, A807, A810, A80, A80VU multitrack, C37.

If your brakes are not working properly or efficiently, it could be that your brake linings are worn or contaminated with oil, grease, or dirt. This special brake drum lining replacement kit contains a pair of sufficient lining material to do two brake drums. They are appropriate to all Revox 1/4" reel to reel machines and many Studer machines.

The lining has its own thermo-setting adhesive which is cured in a normal domestic oven at 180 deg C.   Suggestion: for older machines such as the G36 or any machine with bakelite hubs we suggest two linings are installed on each drum so as to match the thickness of the original lining better. A detailed service instruction manual is available for the kit.    

Why a triple kit? Simply in case you make an error in installing the lining which in inexperienced hands is easy to do.  So this kit has a spare lining for 1st timers - just in case.  If you have done these before a double kit is all you need.

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