Revox A77 VU meters


$190.00 AUD

A77 VU METERS for both the Mk1/2 and Mk3/4. New manufactured. 

We now only sell meters per pair as there is a slight difference between old and new and customers have suggested per pair is better.

Many original A77 VU meters have a sticky needles or are just useless as the internal glue holding the movement dries up and crumbles. 

 These meters are made to better than original specification and the meter movement is NOT glued in place like the originals. They are slightly different cosmetically.

The meters mechanical dimensions and fixing are almost the same as the original and they fit in place with minimal adjustment or modification. However they are mechanically slightly different. The electrical specifications are identical. The slight differences are mainly cosmetic, which only if you really look closely, can one spot the differences between the original and new meters. The older meter has a slight edge lip which the new ones do not have. Initially it looks like they might not locate in top panel but they do fit in OK. Perhaps if you only want to replace a single meter then this may be a slight issue but you have  a look at the comparison photos in this listing and decide for yourself. For discerning enthusiasts,  we would suggest that the meters are replaced in pairs if this worries you. 


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