Controller IC for Revox B77 and PR99


$56.00 AUD 

MAIN micro controller PROM IC for all Revox B77 and PR99

Our Part No. 1.177.317-51

Fits most models B77 and PR99 .

Some early models (very few) use the large Studer PROM IC - see the controller IC for the A700. The parts are not interchangeable.

Non OEM. The part is burned by us on a brand new IC chip and is fully warranted.  It includes a new plug-in IC socket as some some boards don't have these and the chip is soldered in - we think it's better to have it as a plug-in IC.

This IC often becomes faulty as a result of capacitor degradation with age.  A recap of PSU motors and tape transport modules should be done before replacing this IC. One of our electronic kits is highly recommended.

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