Revox Motors Capacitors Set


$88.00 AUD

Revox Motor Capacitor Set for A77, B77, PR99     

Designed and made specially for the Revox motors to our specifications. NOT generic white washing machine / fan capacitors which have wide specification tolerances.  They are exact Revox capacitance values not "approximately close".

1x 3.5uf 250 VAC     and  2x 4.3uf 250 VAC   capacitors

Nagravox motor capacitors ensure the capstan and reel motors develop the correct starting and running torque necessary for smooth tape transport under a variety of tape tensions. If you have wow and flutter or sluggish FFWD or RWD then your motor capacitors could be the problem.

We also offer a "deluxe motor cap kits" which include not only the above 3 motor caps but also the commonly faulty AC suppression caps in the tape drive, capstan speed control and mains filter. Each model has its own deluxe kit as the suppression caps vary from machine to machine. 

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