Revox 36 series Pinch Roller - black


$121.00 AUD

Revox A - G36 1/4" tape recorder  pinch roller

  • European made new  non OEM pinch roller using the same original moulds but using a modern synthetic rubber formulation Adiprene or synthetic rubber. Available in black rubber or cream adiprene (same material as Nagra and Studer pinch rollers)

  • Made specially for the older Revox valve tape recorders

  • PTFE, spacers and metal shim washers supplied to assist in getting alignment with respect to the capstan shaft perfect.

  • Narrower design improves tape slip in accordance with more modern practice. Spacer shims supplied to make sure the PR engages the tape in the middle of the tread.

  • New designed universal PR fits all A - G36 with appropriate spacer shims.

We sometimes have both natural rubber and adiprene formulations and will supply whatever is in stock at the time. 

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