Pinch Roller Kit for Revox B215, B710 mk2 and Studer A721


$107.00 AUD 

Revox B215, B215S, B710 mk2, Studer A721 Cassette PR kit

This kit contains:

  • European made new pinch rollers using a modern synthetic rubber formulation and a brass & oolite  self lubricating bush.

  • Pinch Roller same size -  two supplied 1.710.203.00  (12.7mm D)

  • Special low friction PTFE washers for top AND bottom on each roller.  

  • Correct brass (non magnetic) shims.  

  • Snap ring circlips.  

  • Full instructions available to purchasers - requested and downloaded.

Our special pinch roller kit fits all Revox B215 as well as Studer A721 cassette machines. They have a sintered bronze inner hub with an oolite self lubricating inner bush - robust and long lasting with excellent lubrication qualities. They are a non OEM manufactured item and are excellent quality. Earlier Studer 721's had these as made in Germany but later ones opted for the cheaper made Japanese plastic hub variety.  The ones we offer here are bronze hubs which I suppose you could argue makes for a more robust pinch roller. 

So here are the actual sizes to help you decide which model you have;

This listing is for LARGER SAME SIZE TYPE - two 13.0 mm D

If you have this one -   SMALLER TWO SIZES TYPE -  8.7mm and 8.0mm D , then look at the other listing because you have the later model.

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