ELFL Luminescent Illuminator for Revox B226S & Studer A727 CD Player


$60.00 AUD

Studer A727 and Revox B226S CD player  ELFL illumination panel 

Is your LCD illuminator faded or lost its colour? Now a replacement with the exact factory original specifications is available in either green or blue colour.

This is the correct size, edge display coverage and lead out as per Studer / Revox part number 1.769.256.02.  

Fits all Studer A727 and Revox  B226S that have EL panel illumination for the LCD display.  (Please check carefully that your machine takes a EL display some earlier machines don't - and use a simple coloured incandescent globe). Specially made for Nagravox according to original specification. If your machine takes a bulb please look at our listings of globes. We have most for Revox and Studer.

The ELFL display after many years and hours starts to dim as it nears the end of its life.  It is a relatively easy process to replace although some tools and fiddling about are needed.  Screwdrivers, nose pliers,  soldering iron, desolder pump or braid. 

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