Capstan / Reel Motor Bellville Thrust Washers for Revox & Studer


$10.00 AUD

Revox / Studer  1/4" Motor Bellville / Thrust washers - large type. For most capstan motors and some reel motors.  OD = 21.6mm  ID (nominal) = 12.4mm

Also for later Reel motor that uses two thrust washers above the lower bearing ie in an intermediate position.    

Fits most Revox capstan motors in A77, B77, PR99, A700 and C270 plus some Studer models. Also used for the later reel motors usually with part nos. 1.021.210, 1.021.220, 1.021.256 fitted to later A77, Mk4's, B77 mk2's, A700, C270 and some later PR99's. Also B67 and other Studer machines

This part is per two items as a pair. Usually you need a pair. The washers fits both early and later capstan motors. If your Bellville washers have no more spring (slight concave shape) in them or are worn down then you need them.

These are suitable for most 1/4" Revox and Studer tape recorders. The washers are slightly different in appearance that some of the old plain (non kiwi fruit appearance) originals but do the same job of pre-loading the whole bearing / shaft assembly so that it is not too tight or loose. 


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