Revox Tape Capstan Motor Lubrication Felt


$10.00 AUD

Revox & Studer 1/4" Capstan Motor lubrication FELT 

NOTE:  Limit one per customer ONLY

Fits most Revox capstan motors in A77, B77, PR99, A700 and C270 plus all 1/4"  Studer models.

The felt fits all early and later motors. Early motors take one. Later motors take 3 but check that you need all 3. You seldom do and the inner ones need surgical skills!.

Why should you have to replace a felt?  The main reason is that it is badly discoloured indicating that a non recommended incompatible oils has been used. (The felt goes green or brown).  Also on the older A- G36 grease may have been added to the breather hole incorrectly.

In cases like this, when taking the top plastic cover off, it often breaks. We recommend using one of our new capstan covers the later one of which has a small oil hole so periodic servicing is easy peasy.  Check out our plastic cover.

 These are suitable for most 1/4" Revox and Studer tape recorders. 

Servicing Brands...