Semiconductors spares box for Revox machines


$35.00 AUD

For Revox A77, B77 and PR99. 

 A transistor and diodes spares box in case you need to replace one of these components.  Our detailed service sheet for this kit shows you which cards are particularly vulnerable and many other hints and tips.  This kit is included in the full monty kits for the A77  B77  PR99.

A selection of repair replacements for most of the BC type NPN and PNP audio transistors as well as 1N & BA diodes. This is not for replacing all transistors - only those that may be faulty or suspect.  The kit is particularly suitable for all Revox A77, B77 and PR99 machines AND is also a very useful kit to have as part of your electronic spares for most Revox and Studer equipment.  It includes a more robust replacement for the BFR type transistors on oscillator cards that can go faulty.

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