EPROM for micro processor board for Studer A810


$135.00 AUD 

Nagravox has new replacement EPROM sets using new high quality EPROMS freshly burned and tested.  We supply all of the versions including the early 4-chip set for the MP unit that takes 4 chips and a round long backup battery.

What are the EPROM’s or PROM’s? - They are a set of 3 or 4 permanent memory chips that contain the full machine program that runs the A810 main microprocessor on the MP board. The EPROM is a programmed ROM that is ‘burned’ electrically once and then can last between 10 – 15 years before it needs to be refreshed or re-burned.  These days it makes sense to offer new EPROM’s freshly burned with the appropriate code.  Most of the A810’s out there are almost 20 - 30 years old so one can appreciate that the likelihood of an EPROM error is pretty high.  Random error codes are typical example of a failing EEPROM set.

Studer constantly updated the actual code to improve the functions and fix minor errors, as well as adding extra functionality such as speeds, equalizations and time code. 

Nagravox can offer all the following versions (the 2nd numbers are roughly the year):

  • 07/83 – 4 chip set

  • 13/83

  • 25/86

  • 01/88

  • 46/90

  • 25/91 

You can generally update the versions as follows depending on what board you have:

  • 13/83, 25/86 to 01/88 (a very popular and stable version)

  • 46/90 to 25/91  (has a few more features mainly associated with time code)

  • The early 4 chip board can only take 1 version and can't be updated further from 07/83. Early machines can be updated to the later 3 chip board though.


Price is per set of 3 or 4 chips as appropriate. 

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