A101 Linear hybrid amplifier module for Studer A80, B62 and mixer 189


$36.00 AUD 

Studer A101 Linear Hybrid Discrete Amplifier module for STUDER A80, A/B62 and mixers such as the 189. Available as DIY kit assembly.

The A101 is used in quite a few of the modules in A80 recorders particularly. Why would you need to replace it? 

  • The originals were epoxy encased and there is a tantalum capacitor on board that needs to be replaced

  • Using more modern transistors with matched high gain and very low noise - a slight improvement in performance is possible.

About this kit:

  •  Resistors are low noise hi stability 1% and are mounted flat not sticking up

  • The capacitor is very low leakage hi stability electrolytic 105C 2000h.  Most importantly - it can be replaced in the future.

  • The transistors in the standard version are later BC Phillips type with low noise and medium gain. Transistors are match gain batches.

  • The transistors in the deluxe version are extremely low noise high gain made by Toshiba or Hitachi. Transistors are matched gain batches.

  • Because the different transistors have different lead outs - the PCB for the deluxe version is specific to the lead outs - not just lead swapping.

  • Header Pins are preformed (no bending required) plated copper alloy 

  • The printed circuit boards are double sided 2oz Cu HASL with mask and through plated holes. They are fully designed not copied by me using Protel and manufactured in Taiwan by a PCB specialist manufacturer that has been doing this for me for more than 12 years.

The options:

  1. Order in pairs, 6's or 10's. 

  2. Standard version with high grade BC type transistors as specified in later Studer versions.

  3. Deluxe version with high grade modern Toshiba / Hitachi transistors I have specifically chosen.  The PCB is slightly different but same size.

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