Tacho sensor for Revox capstan motors


$300.00 AUD


A77, B77, PR99, A/B62  Part No.  1.077.240 incl non magnetic mounting parts. 

VERY IMPORTANT:  These sensors are now unobtainable and we have a small stock left. We reserve these ONLY for customers who purchase a full monty kit.  Please do not purchase this item unless you are also purchasing a full monty kit. We are now only keeping and selling rare spare parts for our customers who have committed to overhauling their machines fully using our kits and detailed manuals. We are a total solution provider and do not wish to be a small parts dealer. Sorry if this seems a bit blunt.

Most times this sensor is fine and people are inclined to replace because there are other faults in the machine.  You can perform a simple check with an ohmmeter.  The DC resistance of the (disconnected) sensor but in place should be 300 - 600 ohms or ~70 mH inductance. Other aspects that can affect performance is if metal screws are used to fix the sensor in place.  They must be non magnetic nylon screws and the sensor must be mounted on a rubber 'gasket'.  The sensor distance to the rotor is small and should be approx 0.3 to 0.5mm. You can use a 80gm piece of of normal photocopy paper folded 3 times as a simple feeler gauge. 

At some stage we will offer a service exchange system for this part - ie you return your old faulty sensor so we can refurbish it. Inquire if you are in this situation.

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