TEAC TASCAM T32 PINCH ROLLER for wider 1/4" machines


$135.00 AUD

Our Part No. Teac Tascam T32

Available either in plain bronze bush (as per original) or our special  deluxe version. (Please note we will supply what we have in stock and if different to your choice will invoice or credit the wee difference)

The moving assembly in the 'deluxe' version is with special low noise precision roller bearings instead of a plain sintered bronze bush. If you suspect your shaft is worn, then the deluxe version is recommended.

This Pinch roller is for the specific model shown as a single pinch roller.  If you need a pair, you must order two. They are new fresh manufactured in the EU for Nagravox using a modern synthetic black rubber formulation. 

This pinch roller is 13mm overall mounting height but the actual rubber is 12.8mm high (thick).

Suitable for these models either as a single pinch roller or dual  (You must order two)

Teac A Series:      1230    1250    1400    2100    2300   2340    2500    2520    3300    3340    3440    4300   single capstan machines

Teac X Series:      X-3   X-3 mk2  single capstan machines           

X-7  X-10  X-20  X-1000  X-2000    dual capstan machines

Tascam series:    22-2   22-4   30-4   40-4    388   single capstan machines     

32-2    32-2B   3030     388     dual capstan machines

This kit contains:

  • European made new  non OEM pinch rollers using a modern synthetic rubber formulation.

All our kits and parts use specially sourced, new, freshly manufactured components from reliable manufacturers whom we have been dealing with for many years. NO NOS (new old stock) NO 2nd hand items!!  Never buy or use a 2nd hand pinch roller - its just not worth it!

Nagravox continually researches pinch rollers, manufacturers and materials and is pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive assortment for a number of machines. Although we are specialists in Revox, Studer and Nagra we are also responding to many inquiries for other makes. 

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