Universal lubricant oil kit for older machines - Studer, Revox, Teac, Tascam, Akai


$20.00 AUD

Revox / Studer general purpose universal lubricant kit for most early Revox A-G36, A77 mk1/2 and Studer C/J37 reel to reel tape recorders.  Also suitable for many Japanese tape recorders eg Teac, Tascam, Akai etc using Teac spindle oil / TZ-255 or similar. 

LUBE KIT -Terresso 43 + DTH-EH 

This kit is for  all capstan motors that use a single open special low noise ball bearing and a bronze bush. It is not suitable for capstan motors with two bronze bushes which use a special synthetic lubricant.. 

This kit contains:

  •  1x Terresso 43 lubricant in a 10ml bottle as factory specified for most Revox and Studer capstan motors. Enough for many applications. 
  •  1 x special Mobil DTE extra heavy capstan lubricant in 10/12ml bottle as factory specified for earlier Revox / Studer motors. Also good for all other general lubrication tasks.

  •  2 x small syringes or needle dropper bottles for accurate placement of lubricant

Capstan motors need top-up lubricating every ~500 hours or 6 - 12 months and full clean and new bearing (older type that take a roller) at ~3000 hours or 1 - 3 years. Studer's later technical bulletin no. 174 dated 1st July 1988 specifies all capstan motors need lubrication and if they are regularly lubricated service life can be extended beyond 10,000 hours from the specified 4,000 hours.

 Do this simple service lubrication and the motors will last a long long time. Most motors we have come across have never been serviced and the lubricating felts are dry. Luckily these old capstan motors are really robust and can be brought back to good serviceable condition. They are relatively easy to dismantle and once upgraded / serviced will run smoother with less noise. 


  • Reel motors are NOT lubricated. The bearings are sealed for life and should be changed every ~3000 hours or 1 - 3 years.  Two bearings for each motor. 
  • General Lubricant: The Mobil DTE EH in our kits, besides for early A77 and all F/G36 variants capstan motors, is also suitable as a general lubricant for all moving parts on tape machines. It is a high viscosity oil ideal for "clinging" to moving parts.

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