New Calibration Tape Kits

New Calibration Tape Kits

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The rationale behind Nagravox calibration kits is to provide an appropriate set of tools, instructions and resources to calibrate and setup a specific model Revox or Studer machine.

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A cheap short generic reel of tape recorded by an enthusiast to try and make some money from his tape machine on ebay is frankly not going to help you to really setup and calibrate your machine properly.  Calibration is the final step and is not just a process of throwing on a playback tape and tweaking some trimmers!  All 3 chains must be considered as well what gear you need to do it all. Modern tape formulations, relevant steps and the peculiarities of a particular model and later factory updates not in factory manuals need to all be taken into account. The Nagravox calibration kit is designed to setup and calibrate your machine fully and properly.  Each kit is tailored for a specific machine and your requirements.

Nagravox kits include

  • Playback calibration tape or tapes  - most Revox are 1 but Studer machines require 2 – 6   
  • Record setup tape for calibrating the record chain
  • A set of detailed instructions, explanations, equipment needed, diagrams and check sheets SPECIFIC to your particular model machine. These are based on Revox Studer manuals, Factory Tech Bulletins, industry best practice and Nagravox’s own experience repairing, updating and restoring tape machines. 

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