Audio Signal Generator - NEW Nagravox updated


$330.00 AUD


Sometimes a reliable reasonable condition AF signal generator is difficult to find.  We have assessed a few signal generators over the years for our customers and this one we considered worthwhile doing some minor mods to upgrade it.  Its made in China and pretty much does most of the things its says it will do at a reasonable price.

You need a signal generator to setup and calibrate a tape recorder properly particularly the input/output and recording chains. They are also useful in fault finding and setup and testing of most analogue equipment.  

What makes this so special.  Nothing really other than its new manufactured in China and has an impressive specification as most electronic instruments made these days have.  We simply fit a proper approved, earthed and suppressed mains socket, suppression to the power supply and calibrate the output at various frequencies very accurately so that you can use it as a reference source should you wish to check / set the calibration of your millivolt meter.  The abilities of the instrument are as I said impressive and it is capable of doing many things. The controls are, as most digital user interfaces these days, a little complicated (multi level functionality) but once you get used to them they become easy to use.  What's important is we provide proper user instructions written by us as the OEM instructions are probably translated from Chinese and are not always easy to understand.

Nagravox upgrades the mains input (IEC 320 type with proper suppression to EU / USA standards) including an earth, suppression of the PSU and adds accurate fixed loads on the outputs. We also test and calibrate certain test points in terms of frequency and level so that you can use the signal generator as a reference source for calibration of other test instruments like a millivolt meter.

 Input / output is via standard BNC connectors. The normal limited use Chinese test leads are supplied, software and a PC connector. You just need to supply a normal computer type mains connector cable so that you then have the correct mains plug for your country fitted.  Most people have these leads lying around from old computers and monitors. 

For fault finding use your fully screened oscilloscope leads as the supplied ones are limited. Otherwise you will need normal BNC connector leads and adapters to connect the signal generator to your audio device or millivolt meter via XLR or RCA connectors.

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