Studer A807 BASIC PSU and suppression / capacitor kit


$400.00 AUD

This kit contains replacement capacitors for the power supply and is the basic minimalist kit:

  • Replacement capacitors for the large PSU can type electrolytic capacitors
  • All troublesome suppression capacitors associated with the power supply.
  • New mains filter module  

 This kit caters for the following circuit boards.

  • Power Supply
  • Mains Filter module - we have a new ones made specially for us to the same specification
  • A basic set of Nagravox service sheets / manual is provided to assist you with your overhaul.  

 TOTALS:  Capacitors =12. Mains filter = 1.

Please Note that this is really an absolute minimum kit. I urge you to also consider the more comprehensive electronic Tape Systems and Full (tape systems plus all audio) kits.

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