Deluxe NAB hub adapter overhaul kit with reel spacers


$68.00 AUD

For wobbly or poorly gripping or metal reels that scrape.

Our Deluxe NAB hub overhaul kit contains:

  • 6 x friction pucks  
  • 2 x NAB black retainer belt friction grip rings - STD  - for NAB reels that are to normal specification
  • 2 x NAB black retainer belt friction grip rings - OS1  - for NAB reels that are loose and would benefit    from a slightly bigger grip ring - oversize 1
  • 2 x NAB black retainer belt friction grip rings - OS2  - for NAB reels that are loose and would benefit  from and even bigger grip ring - oversize 2. NB Use this grip ring for all Studer NAB adapters that click into reel tables on A80, A817, A820 
  • 4 x  reel spacer disks to cater for different thickness reels - compensates for the difference between metal and plastic reels

The NAB hub adapters are a great accessory for Revox and Studer machines. However after some time they may develop a wobble or don’t grip properly when locked.  This could be due to worn or cracked friction belts or pucks. We offer freshly manufactured new replacement parts for these. 

More importantly our kit addresses fluctuations which cause irritating wobble, NAB's that just don't quite grip or fit and tape scrape against the reels.

Different reel inner hub diameters and outer NAB adapter OD's these are often small but make a big difference to grip, stability and balance. Different reel thicknesses  there are big differences in reel thicknesses particularly between metal and plastic and even between metal reels. This causes tape to scrape against the reels and can cause tape wander and compromise the smooth uncluttered tape path itself.

    Compared to our standard NAB kit, the deluxe kit contains two extra sets of grip rings (two extra sizes) enabling almost any metal or plastic NAB reel to be firmly gripped minimising wobble.  It also contains 4 spacer disks for reels of different thickness - use one or two spacers per size to get the tape path centralised in the middle of the reel end plates. 

    Also,  sometimes the actual plastic NAB adaptor (inner plastic "drum" that fits on the reel table) may be worn or stretched oval beyond limits and replacing the rings and pucks may not be a  perfect "fix all". You may need new inner hub adapters which we also stock brand new fresh manufactured. If your NAB rings are cracked or worn / out of shape in the areas they act as clutches, then replacing these items will most likely affect a satisfactory overhaul solution.  I caution you on this as many vendors sell NAB kits and parts but no-one seemingly knows how they work and the limits to which replacement may be an effective solution. Most adverts and offerings we have seen are pretty vague but certainly look very fancy. We don’t want to sell you something without making you aware of all the factors that may affect your NAB adapters working smoothly. Some vendors we have found sell very fancy looking NAB "adapters" but neglect to tell you that all they really are doing is fitting a fancy spun or machined Aluminium top to a 2nd hand plastic NAB adapter.  The fancy aluminium top, available in a kaleidoscope of colours, is just a nice looking frill - it doesn't actually perform any mechanical function other than something to hold onto when you take it off or spin it by hand.  The plastic adapter is what does all the actual work offering the quick release / tighten facility and a sort of clutch mechanism. If its worn beyond limits, then that’s it – you need a new one and no amount of fiddling with new rings and pucks will help. 


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