Full Monty overhaul kit for Studer A67 & B67


$910.00 AUD

A/B67 FULL MONTY complete service overhaul kits for ALL Studer A/B67 reel to reel tape recorders.  Now includes tension dampers and guide rollers kits.

Over the years customers have asked for a full kit instead of ordering individual sub kits. They also have tended to ask advice on what they should do to fully overhaul and restore their tape machines. So this is what I recommend and if a machine comes into our workshop THIS FULL SET OF KITS is what we fit. It takes into account the most likely components mechanically and electrically that may have degraded over the many years due to sitting idle or being over-worked. So, if you want to  service, restore or overhaul your machine as completely as you can, this is what I recommend.  

THE FULL MONTY.  A set of applicable sub kits typically containing:

  • Capacitor and Trimmer replacement kit.  All polar electrolytic, tantalum, non polar motor and suppression capacitors  and any open type trimmer potentiometers. A recap for all boards including audio, metering, sync, mono-stereo switch. Does not include time code option. 

  • Motor overhaul kit for 3 motors including appropriate lubricant.  New SKF bearings, circlips and lubricant/s for all three motors. 

  • Pinch Roller kit. - pinch roller with appropriate low friction PTFE washers and metal shims

  • Brake drum linings - 1 pair for both reel turntables

  • Globes kit  - 2x VU,  2x switch board 

  • Tape tension damper overhaul kit includes new fresh soft guide bands + special drag agent and seals to repack your probably non functioning dampers. 

  • Guide Roller kit new low noise roller bearings, shims and bellville thrust washers

  • Separate Nagravox service sheet manuals detailing how to do it all.  Lots of pictures before / after, suggestions, updates, troubleshooting.

  • Support service to help you in case you have questions, problems, comments. 

  • A67 version has additional components for special stabiliser and power supply boards and includes standard B67 mk1 in case things have been updated in the past. (put simply - you are covered)

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