Studer A67 & B67 BASIC Motor & Suppression Capacitor Kit


$205.00 AUD

Studer Basic Motor & Suppressor Capacitor kit for  A67 and B67 mk1 and mk2.   

PART No. - Studer B67 Basic Motor Cap Kit

This kit is the absolute minimal basic kit for B67. We have had new manufactured capacitors designed and made specially for the Studer / Revox motors.  They are non polar foil types specially made for motors and are rated at 250 VAC. They are NOT white generic washing machine capacitors with approximate non standard capacitance - they are specifically designed and made to replace the original Revox capacitors. 

This kit contains the following high voltage AC capacitors which are easy to replace and are often faulty:

  • 2x (6.5uf 250 VAC + 1.5uf 250 VAC)  special 3 terminal dual cap (separate 1.5uf that fits on outside of main 6.5uf capacitors easily) size  35mm D x 70mm H (overall height with terminals) 

  • 1x 3.5uf 250 VAC  30mm D x 50mm H (overall height with terminals) . Please choose HS for high speed version (10uf)

  • 13x X2 rated suppression capacitors of various values required.

  • 1x new recent manufactured mains filter module

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