Audio capacitor service upgrade kit for Studer A80, A80R, & A80QC


$245.00 AUD

KIT A80 Audio -  For most Studer mono, stereo and 2 track A80 1/4"and some 1/2"  machines. For plug-in modules in the base machine cabinet.

 The recap kit contains parts for 2 channels :

  • Replacement capacitors for all the electrolytic and tantalum capacitors
  • 10/15 turn precision trimmers to upgrade the VU meter boards
  • 4x A101 linear amplifier replacement kit modules - standard version
  • 2x special record relays which often go faulty with age
  • small selection of PNP & NPN BC series transistors that also sometimes fail or may be questionable.
  • factory update items
Capacitors = 120   Trimmers = 6   Semiconductors, A101, relays = 14

    PLEASE NOTE: This kit is for those A80 machines that have plug in removable boards that plug in to the main machine cabinet.  This kit is not for multi track models or models that have audio boards within the separate meter console - for these there is a different kit. available  This kit is suitable for mono, stereo and 2 tack machines with plug in module boards and contains all necessary capacitors that should routinely be replaced.  This kit does not include any preset adjuster potentiometers in the audio plug-in cards as the originals are good quality and are fully sealed - it would rare that any would be faulty or too old to be serviceable. It does include an update for the VU meter board using multi turn precision trimmers.

    The Following Boards are Catered For:

    • Record
    • Playback
    • Oscillator
    • Monitor
    • VU meter panel with updated multi-turn trimmers
    • Mono-stereo option if fitted.

     Are all old A101 modules a problem?  No.  We can save you a lot of money if you have the later old A101's. Have a chat.


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