Studer A80 and B62 FULL bearing overhaul kits


$480.00 AUD

If any of your bearings are noisy or suspect then it may be a good idea to replace all the bearings. On the A80 there are  a lot and will involve major disassembly and fine mechanical setup! 

There are two different kits dependent on 1/4" and multi-track models. All 3 motors are included and for the B62 also the pinch roller bearing.

A80, R, RC, QC & VU mk1, A81 1/4" and 1/2"

  • 26 bearings
  • 30 bellville washers
  • 14 C clips
  • 4 outer ciclips
  • 12 inner circlips

A80 multitrack VU mk 2 - 4 & MR 1/2" - 2"

  • 28 bearings
  • 30 bellville washers
  • 14 C clips
  • 4 outer ciclips
  • 12 inner circlips
  • 8 special spacer washers

B62 2 versions 

  • 18 bearings  - mk1 version with roller bearing capstan = 20
  • 18 bellville washers
  • 4  circlips
  • 8 replacement small balls for tension arms(in case you lose some!)

All kits include pinch roller bearing and commonly replaced bellville washers, circlips, C clips and special spacers.

PLEASE NOTE: we have had difficulty sourcing low noise tape tension roller bearings. These are the small bearings fitted to the tension rollers and often make a noise.  Research has revealed that Studer had these specially made for them with very tight tolerances. These bearings are now unobtainable. However, Studer made sure that the original ones they had made could actually be serviced! (unusual) and repacked. This we have confirmed with former Studer engineers. So - we actually supply these small bearings as SKF and you can certainly try them. BUT we also supply some special repacking grease and detailed instructions / pictures on how to service your existing originals. So at least you have some options. Maybe one day I will find a specialist bearing manufacturer to make new low noise tight tolerance ones. FYI slight spasmodic low tick noise is OK  but continuous rough running is not (needs new lubricant). Our kit price has been reduced accordingly from 1 Feb 2020 so you are not paying for the small bearings we actually supply in the kit. 

Capstan motors need lubricating every ~500 hours or 6 - 12 months and full clean and bottom / top lubricant replenishment at ~2000 hours or 2 - 3 years. 

Reel motors need to have their bearings replaced every 2000 hours or 2 - 4 years. Do this and the motors will last a long long time. Most motors I have come across have never been serviced and the lubricating felts are dry. Luckily these old capstan motors are really robust and can be brought back to good serviceable condition. They are relatively easy to dismantle and once upgraded / serviced will run smoother with less noise. With a good clean, new bearings and a lubrication its surprising how well an old motor can run. Dont take a chance on dubious bearing sources or lubricants.  Get the full Nagravox kit for all your motors.

Later capstan motors use Isoflex PDP65 and no other lubricant should be used or mixed with it. Early B62 motors may use Mobil DTH-EH lubricant.

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