Studer A810 BASIC motor, power supply & suppression kit


$360.00 AUD

This kit is a minimalist 'basic' kit for the A810. We have had new manufactured capacitors designed and made specially for the Studer motors.  They are non polar foil types specially made for motors and are rated at 250 VAC. They are not white generic washing machine capacitors with approximate non standard capacitance - they are specifically designed and made to replace the original Studer and Revox capacitors. 

PLEASE NOTE:   The standard shown kit is for 4 speed or 2 & 3 speed HS (30"/sec) versions using 2 pole motor. If you have 2 or 3 speed up to a max of 15"/sec you probably have a 4 pole motor - which will need a 4.3uf capstan motor capacitor for the 4-pole capstan motor part no. 1.021.366.81.  If in doubt check your capstan motor / capacitor - it is clearly marked.

This kit contains the following high voltage AC capacitors which are easy to replace and are often faulty . It also includes the can type electrolytic capacitors again specially made for the A810.

  • 2x 8uf 250 VAC 250 VAC  for reel motors 
  • 1x 8.0 (or 4.3uf dependant on version)  250 VAC  for capstan motor
  • 4x 0.47uf 250VAC suppression capacitors
  • 3x 11,000uf 63VDC specially manufactured low ESR high endurance  ong life 120C electrolytic capacitors for the power supply (replaces standard 10,000/50) 
  • 1x mains filter module especially made for Nagravox for many Studer machines

I stress again - this is a minimalist kit and I highly recommend consideration of the full kit which ensures you of all factory updates and a more comprehensive whole health restoration. 

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