Electronic capacitor & update components overhaul kit for Studer A810


$479.00 AUD 

Full capacitor update / upgrade kit for Studer A810 professional recorder - includes all power supply, tape transport and audio logic systems snd all audio cards including vu boards.

This kit includes all electrolytic, suppressor, motor and power supply capacitors except the SAL orange capacitors which are long lasting. It also includes the backup battery and components for the later Studer Technical Bulletins recommended updates for various boards. 

Don’t waste your time replacing just one or two capacitors on machines that are now 25 - 40 years old, replace ALL the troublesome electrolytics,  tantalums and suppression capacitors. Usually the old high voltage capacitors associated with the motors and tape drive will also be shot electrically and often even visually.

This kit contains parts for the very important power supply, tape control, logic, microprocessor and transport functions together:

  • Replacement capacitors for all the electrolytics including large PSU can type caps
  • Replacement for all tantalum capacitors
  • Brand new specially manufactured non polarised motor capacitors 
  • All troublesome paper capacitors on drive control, switching and mains suppression
  • Fully enclosed cermet type preset potentiometers to replace any old open type trimmers
  • New mains filter module  
  • replacement backup battery sub kit  (standard supply is for the later rectangular battery - please specify if yours takes a long cylindrical battery - older models)
 This kit considers / caters for the following circuit boards.
  • Power Supply
  • Stabiliser card
  • Basis Board
  • Bus Connector
  • MPU
  • Tape deck Controller
  • Command Unit
  • Bus Converter
  • Display
  • Parallel Remote Control
  • Serial Remote Control
  • Display
  • Periphery Controller
  • Master and Monitor Control Unit
  • Capstan Control
  • Spooling Control
  • Tape Tension Sensor Boards - both sides.
  • Mains Filter module - we have a new ones made specially for us to the same specification
  • All motor chassis mounted motor capacitors
  • Audio Line amplifier boards
  • Audio Reproduce boards
  • Audio HF driver / oscillator
  • Audio Mono stereo switch board/s
  • VU meter modules and their boards
  • VERY IMPORTANT - Later Studer Tech Bulletin update components for the CAPSTAN, REPRODUCE, LINE and HEAD PREAMPLIFIER boards includes appropriate capacitors, resistors and semiconductors. Some of these like the Line amp and Capstan board are really important.
  • Stabiliser modification kit to make all power supplies fully adjustable. (The parts in the kit are not applicable to the very last stabiliser board 1.810.770.04 but we do give you specific instructions for it to be modified)
  • A comprehensive set of Nagravox service sheets / manual is provided to assist you with your overhaul.  
TOTALS:  Capacitors =163. Resistors and semiconductors =9.  Battery = 1. Modules and mounting hardware = 6.   Small “upgrade” blank labels are provided to mark your upgrade in appropriate areas as a record of service.
 Kit Weight is 1.1kg and a higher weight category for postage is applicable.
  1. Standard kit is for 4 speed or 2 & 3 speed HS (30"/sec) versions using 2 pole motor. If you have 2 or 3 speed up to a max of 15"/sec you probably have a 4 pole motor - request option 4.3uf cap which goes with the 4-pole capstan motor part no. 1.021.366.81. 
  2. Standard  is for the later rectangular battery - please specify if yours takes the older  long cylindrical battery - we have both available - see seperate listings for pics etc There is no extra charge for the older battery type - you just need to say so - preferably using direct email communication.
  3.  Time code associated boards are not included in this upgrade / service as they are seldom applicable or used these days. We can on request include the few extra capacitors at a nominal fee. Please contact us directly o discuss and advise.

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