YAMAHA PC2002 / PC2002M amplifier electronic capacitor overhaul restoration kit


$370.00 AUD

Yamaha PC2002 and PC2002M Amplifier RECAP Overhaul Kit

At last I have pleasure in releasing THE NAGRAVOX kit for the fabulous 80's industry standard PC2002 monitor amplifier. It includes most likely components needing replacement.


The power supply capacitors are specially manufactured for Nagravox to our specification and are rated 105C with low ESR and leakage, high stability, and heavy duty long life. 


  • Capacitors.  All likely problematic electrolytic, tantalum and suppression capacitors

  •  Large power supply capacitors. Specially made for us not NOS or sitting on the shelf of a retailer or distributor for many years. These are incredibly robust 105C rated, low ESR and +10-5%. 

  • Trimmers  as applicable

  • Nagravox service sheet manual detailing how to do it all.  

  • Support service to help you in case you have questions, problems, suggestions etc. My philosophy is "there are no problems only solutions".

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